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The Database Group at the University of Waterloo is one of the largest such groups. The group's research is broad-based addressing both extending and enhancing database management systems (DBMS), and data management for new domains. The research focuses on data management issues as they apply to complex objects, geometric and spatial data, video and audio data, historical data, structured documents and text, and real-time data as well as to traditional relational database systems. This wide coverage mirrors the expanding role of database systems in managing very large amounts of diverse data. The research also has wide coverage of many aspects of database system functionality. Consequently, there are ongoing projects that explore storage structures, indexing methods, query languages and optimizers, transaction management, and distributed data management.

These Web pages and the following two documents prepared for an internal review in 2005 give more information about the group's activities (note that they are up-to-date only to 2005):


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Database Research Group
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